Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alberta Scott Provincial

A livestream was available for that match. Actually, a livestream is available for all the draws but for the matches play on sheet C, so, i’ll inform you via our facebook page for the next one that will feature Team Bernard.

So, if you seen it, you know that what made the big difference is the little shift of momentum on the 8 end and an ugly 9 end in which Team Bernard allowed Team Kauffman to steal 3. Make the final Team Bernard 3 Team Kauffman 6.

I was on the ice myself so, i couldn’t see it the beginning but I saw Susan making some awesome shoots so our third seems to be in very good form. I am sure she gave a pat in the back to her skip when her last rock slid too far.

So, it’s far from over, Team Bernard will compete in the B event against Team Bakker in the afternoon at 2.00pm (mt) on Sheet B, so, no livestream.

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