Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alberta Scott Provincial

Did you check out the livestream even thought Team Bernard didn’t play on sheet C today?

I did and we can see pretty much what is happening on sheet b so, their first match was played on this sheet and we even got the 3 last ends. So, Bernard gave up 3 again, but I love how they stayed focus and came back with a deuce to increase the gap for the final end. A 9-6 wins over Team Bakker.

Second match was on sheet D so, not glimpse just hearing Cheryl’s shouting and sometimes Susan who can scream pretty hard too. Another 3 points scored by the opponents but again, Team Bernard members kept their head cold and made it. A 8-6 win over Team Scheidegger with what i’ve been told was a perfect freeze to steal on Cheryl’s last rock, their opponents having the hammer coming home, Scheidegger not able to remove that rock.

Next match is at 2.00pm (mt) tomorrow afternoon against Team Nedohin... you know, team Heather Nedohin? Doesn’t matter, this is Team Bernard time to win this match.

A job well done ladies!

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  1. Awesome day for Team Bernard! What a treat to get to finally see them play a match yesterday and even when they aren't the featured match we still get to hear Cheryl provide some very vocal encouragement to her teammates. LOL!

    Good luck tomorrow, girls! GO TEAM BERNARD GO!