Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cheryl on her team mates

The members of Team Bernard always stick together as a team. And Cheryl Bernard, as their Skip, never forgets to thanks her teammates and is extremely grateful for their support. When Cheryl smiles after a great shot she makes, it is her appreciation to them to have set the table for her.

Susan is teaming up with Cheryl for almost 10 year now as Cori and Carolyn joined them in 2005. It wasn’t always easy, losing some tough final. But that made them stronger as they had to work hard and changed their vision along the way to finally mixed together the perfect ingredients to reach stability, control and success. Every member brings something special to team making it well balanced and so strong.

"Cori's a very light person, very social, and I think as much as (the other team members) sometimes find that difficult it's the best for us because she does keep it light out there and she can crack a joke and we don't tend to be that way," she says.

Bernard called Darbyshire, who's three years older than the skip, "the mom on the team" because she tends to take charge of the planning and looks out for the members of the squad.

As for O'Connor, Bernard said it's her drive and work ethic that make her such an attractive teammate.

"You put four of the best players together and sometimes you're not friends. But we seem to have got lucky to have a little bit of both," says Bernard.

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