Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some words from Cheryl

An article from Sweep Magazine after Team Bernard won the silver at the Olympics in Vancouver. Cheryl's inner thoughts about their perspective and the performance as Olympians: silver medalist Olympians.

Great picture of Cheryl during their third match in Vancouver against Germany. Team Bernard won 6-5 in an extra end with a great shot by the skip: right on the bottom. I got it on video, i'll post it soon.

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  1. Nice article..and especially feeling like Cheryl has started realizing what a monumental feat getting an Olympic Silver was!
    These terrific women worked hard for years and when their time came to be on stage they not only curled superb but were flawless in handling all the pressure and roller-coaster moments.

    They were not only Team Canada but they were loved by everyone from ocean to ocean to ocean.

    Now I hope Cheryl and Team decide to add the Scotties jewel to their impressive Crown.
    They are peaking right now ..just need to roll with that vast experience and win whatever they set their Minds to.

    Yes Cheryl, we DO still love you and the Team and as that old song goes "See You in September"...