Thursday, May 6, 2010

White Hatting in images

To remind you the essential of the story, on April 5th, Team Cheryl Bernard was honored, among other local Olympian athletes, by the city of Calgary. They were offered a white hat to have represented so well our country to the last Olympics.

In case you want to know some more about the white hat tradition, it started back in 1961. Calgary’s white hat has long been a symbol of Calgary’s hospitality. The tradition of “white hatting” visitors or dignitaries has become known to the world as representing Calgary. The white hat is a unique gift that speaks directly to Calgary’s history and also to Calgary’s future. There are some criterions to meet, and with the way the represented Canada, there were no doubt that Cheryl and her team, Susan, Carolyn and Cory earned theirs.

For more information or picture about it, go see this post:

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