Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting to know... Carolyn Darbyshire

Keeping in mind yesterday post, today, let’s get a little closer from Team Bernard Second, Carolyn Darbyshire by reviewing the confidences she made during the Roar of the Rings.

She was heading to the Olympics as one of the most experienced curler, which made of her the oldest Olympian, but that doesn't mean much: she was probably one of the fittest curler out there and you gotta be fit to deliver a stone like she does.

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  1. Since the Women's Slams aren't given the media coverage they deserve, some of us Easterners didn't have the luxury of seeing much of this Team prior to the Trials.
    The Olympics opened my eyes to the "magic" Carolyn has with some of her shots. Not only does she get the primary target but the secondary results are like a good pool player who leaves the cue ball where they want it.
    Carolyn is "rock solid" all game and has a quiet, apparently steadying strength.
    The fact that she is older and maintains her fitness and positive attitude should be an inspiration not only to curlers across the country but to youngsters who may understand the value of staying active and maybe away from all those electronics part of the day.
    Carolyn and Cheryl have been rewarded this season for their years of putting their full effort into a game they love.
    Canada needs quality women like this to bring the game and it's presentation to the "public" up like they did in spades this season.

    Enjoy all your awards Carolyn, Cori, Susan and Cheryl....and thanks for the Show !