Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cheryl fit... not just to curl

Cheryl Bernard is probably one of the fittest curlers on the circuit but it wasn’t always this way. Not that she was not fit or anything, but not that much. It is about 10 years ago that she understood the benefit to be even fitter could do to her, and to her performance in her sport. And it is not something she is going to stop anytime soon.

She is not just doing it because she plays a sport, but mostly because she enjoys it, she got the time and takes it, she thinks it’s good for her and it’s definitively not a chore. She trains an hour or so everyday and it is hard core training ladies and gentlemen: a very intense routine. After that, she might even go out jogging with her dog. That doesn’t including her time on ice throwing stones. Apparently, she would love to do a triathlon competition in a near future.

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  1. merci val pour tout ce que tu fait... tres bonne photo !!!