Monday, September 19, 2011

Comments from the Skip on the weekend

Team Bernard was not the only strong team out there: some of the best showed up for that event and at the end, there were 2 most consistent teams of the week remaining and Bernard was one of those 2 teams still standing.

We know the story, Lawton scored 3 points in the 6 ends and finally won 6-2. Overall, it was a great performance of Team Bernard. A very important fact is that even if they started to practice together a little while ago, it was just then that they could test themselves and learn from a concrete experience: “We just don’t have the communication skills yet,” Bernard said. “We’ve got some things to work on.”

She didn’t lie, no one likes to lose “It’s always disappointing to lose a final — I’m never going to get good at it,” she said jokingly. But she is really positive about her squad and feels things are coming together nicely.

Looks like a promising season!

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  1. It was a good start. A preview of things to come!