Friday, September 2, 2011

September – a busy month

Let’s be honest, I love summer : I love the warmth, I love the heat, I love the sun and nothing taste better then a red while sitting on patio looking at the sun setting or with some good friends anywhere in the world or... in Alberta.

In Canada, we know that summer will come to an end to quickly and soon we’ll be buried under snow but there is a great compensation: curling.

Team Bernard was back on the ice this weekend and practiced for endless hours. Our favourite Squad will take part in 3 different competitions in September:
- Calgary Curling Club Tune up - Sept 9-11, 2011
- Edmonton Shoot Out - Sept 15-18, 2011
- Regina Tour Event (Schmirler Charity Curling Classic) - Sept 23-Sept 26, 2011

I will keep you posted on results – in a summary way on facebook and with extra detail in here. Stay tuned!

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