Saturday, September 24, 2011

Schmirler Classic

The day started quite nicely for Team Bernard with a good win on Team Silvernagle 6-4. They were consistent enough and avoid giving multiple points after scoring 3 in the fourth end.

Then, they were back on the ice at 8h30pm and things got a little ugly: when you can’t get rid of the hammer because the other team keep stealing, maybe it’s better to just end the game. It’s was 9-0 Privivkova after 5 ends and they decided they had enough.

So, Team Bernard is 3-1 and is going to play against team Spencer tomorrow at 10.30am (mt). Spencer also lost her match this evening so, if Team Bernard wins they will finish at the top of their pool and will go straight to the playoffs. For now, we can’t really say what record of 3-2 would do, we’ll have to wait the end of the round robin matches but hopefully, after a good night of sleep, Team Bernard will come back stronger.

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