Friday, September 30, 2011

New Treat : Exclusive Comments

Team Bernard blog is starting a new treat and that will be quite a delight because I am going to bring to you exclusive comments from Team Bernard members after each event, either on or off the ice.

It begins today with a comment from the skipper about the unexpected start of the season with a brand new team.

”Been a great start to the year…we are still in the building process…but to be sitting #1 on the CTRS after 3 events is better than we had hoped with a new team. But a long year ahead of us and we still walk away from events knowing what we have to improve upon. Now a little break and then the Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Oct 7th!”

While we there, I thought of adding another exclusivity : This is Jennifer, Lori, Susan and Cheryl just before their semi final match last weekend while competing in the Schmirler Classic.

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