Friday, September 16, 2011

Edmonton Shoot Out Update

First match of the day was against Team Doroshuk. For a while it was a tight game until Team Bernard’s opponent scored 5 in the sixth – a very costly end that gave no chance to our squad to come back. Make the final Team Doroshuk 8 Team Bernard 5

Later that day, Team Bernard was back on the ice determined to avoid doing the same mistakes twice. Our ladies took a thin lead but stick to it and avoid giving multiple points which gave a second victory 4-2.

2 matches remaining to complete the round robin : first match tomorrow (sept 17th) at 8am against the only undefeated team in this pool: Team Webster. Yes, Crystal Webster, ex teammate of our second, Lori. Later that day, they are competing against Team Kaufman who also has a record of 2-1 like team Bernard.

Ok, we can start talking about the possible scenarios so Team Bernard can make it to the playoffs, but one thing for sure, they are going to bed with the momentum and it is going to be a great day of competition.

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